System Wiring: Information on how to wire the wing and tail lights to the controller board:

System Installation

Kit Instructions:  Step by step instructions on how to build the Flyleds kit:

Wings: Wing Boards    Controller:  Controller Board

RV-4/-6/-8 (W-415 wingtip) specific instructions:

The W-415 wing can be modified with a kit originally supplied by Van’s.  This makes an aluminium light cove with the faces at 90° to each other.  We sell the lens, but we’re out of stock of the metalwork.  The template shows you how simple it would be to hand-craft something similar.  You could even simply place fibreglass or aluminium  tabs inside the wing for the boards to attach to.

      W415 info sheet pic (Small)    

Note that we now also sell boards to suit W-415 wings that have been retrofitted with an aftermarket fibreglass light cove.  This cove has 120° faces.

There are two other aftermarket fibreglass mods available for the W-415 wingtip (that we know of!) that are big enough to hold a landing light.  You could use the W-715-1 boards and a Skinny kit and still retain your landing light… Check the Wing Templates file below.

The Skinny” boards supplemental instructions


Tail strobe (stand alone model) information sheet:

Wing templates:

The wing boards are supplied oversize by a few mm to allow for variations in the wing fibreglass sizing.  Note that the light coves on the RV-9 wings are notably different between the left and right sides.

Circuit diagram:

For those who are interested in how it all works.

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