Flyleds is based in Melbourne Australia, so everything we ship goes via Australia Post and then USPS, or your local post office equivalent.

We are now shipping orders using DHL couriers at prices close to the Express prices given below, with a proven transit time of 6-10 days.

Pricing is calculated on weight at checkout time. Some examples below:

With the current COVID-19 border closures, Australia has gone from having hundreds of international flights per day to a small handful.
As a result Australia Post is advising that there are four to six week delays in outbound mail, no doubt due to the fact that container ships move a little slower than a 777 or A380.

If you placed an order between late March, April, and early May it is coming, we promise. Many are turning up now after a 30, 40 and 51 day transit time…
We have shipped over 1000 parcels over the years and all have made it. Please take the current crazyness into consideration and remember to say thank you to the Postie when they deliver!