Which lights should I choose for my RV-10?

You’re building a highly capable, top of the line aeroplane.   It deserves to be fitted with the best lighting available!
Order the landing light mounting kit LL LENS KIT RV-10 from Van’s and install them in your wings.  It really is simple enough to fit these kits (measure thrice… cut once!), even to QB or already flying wings.

Then choose either two of our Quad Spots or, for the best of the best lights available, two of our Seven Stars lights.  You will be very happy with the Quad Spots, and you will be blown away with the Seven Stars lights.

Complete your lighting package with The Original kit for your wingtip Position and Strobe lights.

If the thought of cutting into your leading edges makes you queasy, our The Works kit is your complete lighting solution.  Note however with the smaller light bay in the RV-10 wingtips, The Works kit give you lots of light down the runway for landing but you will end up with a darker spot directly in front of the plane.  Some pilots think this is an issue, while others are more than happy with how much light they now have!
The Works kit also comes with extra features such as Flood mode and Wigwag mode built in.

Don’t forget to add a tail light if you don’t already have one.
Don’t forget to add a Wigwag Module or a Wigwag Switch if needed.