Which lights should I choose for my RV-6/7/8/9?

Our The Original kit is a fantastic wingtip Position and Strobe lighting solution for your plane.

We always advocate fitting some of our landing lights in the leading edges if you can, such as our popular Combo lights for your tail dragger or the Quad Spots for your –A model.
Or, if you want the best of the best in lighting, choose our game changeing Seven Stars or Tail Dragger Max lights.

If you don’t already have light bays, Duckworks Aviation makes leading edge light bay kits to suit all RV models.  These are easily retrofitted to flying wings.

Don’t forget to add a Wigwag Module or a Wigwag Switch if needed.

Alternatively, The Works kit is your complete lighting solution with Position, Strobe and Landing lights all mounted in the wingtips.  One light in each wingtip can also be tilted down for taxiing duties for your tail dragger.
The Works kit also comes with extra features such as Flood mode and Wigwag mode built in.

Don’t forget to add a tail position/strobe light to complete your light coverage requirements.