Which lights should I choose for my RV-14?

The RV-14 comes with two large light bays in the leading edges by default.
If you’re building a tail dragger, two of our very popular Combo lights will give you excellent Landing lights, along with two correctly aimed Taxi lights on both sides of your plane.
If you’re building a -14A, two of our Quad Spots perform the same role with both Landing and Taxi lights on both sides, but the taxi light does not tilt like it does for the Combo lights.

Of course if you want the best of the best, two of our game changing Seven Stars or our Tail Dragger Max lights will take you from “Excellent” lights to “Outrageous!” lights.
These really do turn night into day.

Pair these with our The Original kit for your position and Strobe lighting.

If you’re a “Too much is never enough” kind of person, join the growing group of customers who install our The Works kit in their wingtips as well as our landing lights!
The Works kit also comes with extra features such as Flood mode and Wigwag mode built in.

Don’t forget to add a tail light if you don’t already have one.
Don’t forget to add a Wigwag Module or a Wigwag Switch if needed.