Got WigWag?

Having your landing lights flashing for each and every flight you make is the key to being seen in today’s increasingly busy skies.  The apparent movement of the light from wingtip to wingtip is far more eye catching than just having the landing lights turned on.  You will wonder where those close encounters with the birds went as well.

* All Flyleds landing lights can be powered directly from a Vertical Power VP-X, or a Garmin GAD27 module, taking full advantage of their automatic wigwag switching based on airspeed.

* The Advanced Control Module (ACM) that goes with your Advanced Panel from Dynon/AFS Advanced Flight Systems will also happily drive (and wigwag) Flyleds landing lights.  We even make a plug and play control board to suit the ACM so that the fuselage harness wiring remains essentially unchanged.

* Our The Works kit has the wigwag function built in.
* Our WigWag Module can be added to any aircraft and can be wired in a multitude of ways to suit your existing switch layout.
* Our WigWag Switch is another single switch solution.

Be seen, be safe!