Daily Archives: February 17, 2022

Can you find better lights? We don’t think so!

Our Seven Stars lights continue to receive praise from anyone who flies with them. Customer Mike M recently sent us this amazing message:

Last week I was flying towards Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW). I posted a short message and photo about the flight on Van’s Air Force (VAF). Two days later I was contacted by an air traffic controller with the message below. He saw us from over 40 miles away in the middle of the day because of our flashing Seven Stars lights. 40+ miles!

…for some reason I happen to look east and saw bright wig wag lights. Our radar scope is usually looking at about a 20 mile range, but I ranged it out to 50 miles and started clicking on radar tags. There were 3 airplanes it could have been at the time so I kept them highlighted on my scope and kept an eye visually out the window which one was wig wagging as you flew over DFW. I wrote down your callsign and now I only remember your callsign because it ended in my initials MG.
No doubt about it, it was well over 40 miles that I saw you from the tower cab!

…and it turns out that the tower controller is a Flyleds customer as well! He also bought two Seven Stars and our The Original kit. A wise choice!

Folks, we don’t make this stuff up. We will happily forward you the whole email exchange if you don’t believe us!