We love your feedback!

We love your feedback, both good and bad.  If it’s the latter, we aim to make it right and I don’t think we’ve failed at that yet!

We spent almost a year researching and developing the Flyleds Works kit, choosing which LED to use, getting the power design right, and finding the best quality lenses available.  It’s incredibly gratifying to get emails like the following:

Paul, I purchased your double spot light LEDs as a “temporary” replacement for my current RV-7A halogen landing lights. I installed the lights in my existing fittings and tested them this evening. Quite honestly, I’m blown away by the brightness of these lights. I fly turbine aircraft for a living, and your lights are the equal to anything I’ve flown before. I was considering spending double the money for other lighting solutions, but now I’m only trying to figure out where to put more Flyleds in my aircraft. Thank you for your product and customer support, let me know how I can help spread the word!

Dave N, KS.