Welcome to 2017

Wow, what a year 2016 was for Flyleds!

The staff at the post office now greet me by name and even remember our email address for tracking numbers.  We now sell boards to suit six different RV wing types, and have more plane types on the way.

Just some of the places we’ve posted our kits to:

Some verbatim feedback from only the last three months from our customers:

“Thank you Paul!  I appreciate your excellent customer service.”  Lyle, California.

“I’ve been busy here soldering the LED’s, resistors, etc. to the boards. It’s fun! You save a lot of money, and boy are they bright! Excellent product.”  Bruce, Oregon.

“Here’s a pic of the lights installed on my old style RV-6 wingtip.  Still some body work to do but the lights look and perform just great!!  Thanks so much for the excellent customer service!”  Alex, BC Canada.

“After the final install they work great… still have spots in my eyes.”  Scott, Ohio

“I’ve really enjoyed building these things.  First time for me building a circuit board.   You made it easy!”  Paul, Alabama

We look forward to adding your city to the map!