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Some new products

We now supply wiring looms, either as a bundle of all of the parts you’ll need to DIY, or we can terminate the controller end plug for you using a crimped machined pin D15 connector.  You can also buy just the connector and pins, if you’d like to upgrade from the solder connector supplied in the kits.  Highly recommended!

We also have the versatile Carling 2-10 toggle switch in stock.  Control two functions on the one switch…


We’ve made the kit a little easier for you

A couple of customers have had issues with non-blinking lights, and invariably the problem has been not enough heat was used to mount the switching components under the controller board.  A simple reheat with the soldering iron and a little fresh solder fixes this problem.


We have a reflow oven and solder paste here, so we thought we’d do it for you!  We now supply the controller boards with the surface mounted parts already soldered.  You still get to fit and solder all of the other components on the board, so we haven’t taken all the fun away…


Oshkosh Airventure 2016

UPDATE: Sorry folks, my plans were changed for me, and I won’t be going to Oshkosh. I had to have some surgery last Monday, and the doc grounded me for two weeks. There will always be next year! Now for the fun task of cancelling travel arrangements…

I’m excited to be going back to the USA for a visit, in particular to go to the Oshkosh Airventure airshow.  We won’t be there as exhibitors, but I will be there wearing a Flyleds t-shirt!

If you’re going to be there from Monday 25th July to Wednesday 27th, I’d be more than happy to put a Flyleds kit in my bag for you and bring it to the show.


Some vacation time

We will be on vacation for the last two weeks of June, so there will be a delay in the dispatch of your orders.  Our apologies in advance!  We will still be answering your emails over this time.

And then there’s only a few short weeks until Oshkosh in the last week of July.  Will I see you there?!

Introducing The Skinny!

Do you have landing lights already installed in your wingtips? Don’t want to move them? The Skinny will help you meet your strobe and position lighting requirements.

Used in place of the normal Flyleds forward-facing board, The Skinny is only one inch wide, as shown at the right of the picture.  With the connections and resistors tucked away inside the wing, it leaves plenty of room for your lights.

Supplied as the left and right PCBs only, as an optional upgrade to a Flyleds lighting kit. The components are supplied in the appropriate wing kit.  Check our Products page for more information.


RV-4/-6/-8 kits are here!

After a few delays with being delivered some red LEDs that produced 10 watts of heat for less than 1 watt of light…

…we have the kits ready!

2016-05-12 19.36.13 (Small)2016-05-12 19.36.02 (Small)


Even if you’re a Day VFR cruiser, having a few thousand lumens of lights in wigwag mode means that you are so much more visible to other traffic, both the feathered and the mechanical varieties…



A kit containing the metalwork and lens required to modify your wingtips is also on its way.  We’ve asked Vans to make a bulk order for us, as they are ready to discontinue the parts.


RV-4 and -6 builders: Would you like a Flyleds kit?

W415 3d (Mobile)

Van’s have a (cheap!) perspex and metalwork kit available to modify your wingtips, and we are in the process of making some boards to suit this kit.


The only problem is, Van’s have almost run out of stock and intend to obsolete the parts.  Please send us a message to say you’re interested in the kit, so that we can get an idea of numbers and hopefully convince them otherwise, or alternatively we’ll second source the components.

edit: The wingtip modifications required are detailed in this document:  RV4&6 WING TIP LENS KIT

W-715 Batwing boards are here!

Do you own an RV-7 or RV-8 with curved trailing edges on your wingtips?  You’d have W-715 fibreglass, which has a smaller light profile than the  newer W-715-1 wingtips.

We now have boards specifically for you!  Just select this board style on checkout.

W715 3D (Small)

Thank you

Flyleds has had a rush of orders in the last month or so, which is a great affirmation to us that we must be doing something right.  Sales are literally taking off (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), after some chatter about us on the forums.  Time for us to restock!

As much as we love answering your questions before you buy, it’s also a buzz to see an order pop out of the blue into our inbox.

A big “Thank You for your business” goes out to all of our customers, past and future.