Do you have an upgrade for my Duckworks/halogen lights?

The simplest landing light upgrade in our range is our Double Spotlight along with the optional Halogen Adapter panel.  This makes it a drop-in replacement for your rectangular H3 halogen lights and will give you a very worthwhile upgrade with at least twice the brightness, and far better focused clear white (not yellow) light.

However note that your existing Duckworks light mounting bracket is also easily removed from the wing by undoing four screws. (Mark the existing aiming angle on the ribs before you undo it for easy re-installation.)  This then allows you to easily enlarge the existing hole in the bracket out on the bench to suit our Triple, Quad, Combo, Seven Stars or Tail Dragger Max lights.  Should take an additional 15 minutes to do.

Which lights you choose depends on exactly where you’d like to be on the lighting scale: Choose from Good, Great, Excellent, or Outrageous!