RV-4/-6/-8 kits are here!

After a few delays with being delivered some red LEDs that produced 10 watts of heat for less than 1 watt of light…

…we have the kits ready!

2016-05-12 19.36.13 (Small)2016-05-12 19.36.02 (Small)


Even if you’re a Day VFR cruiser, having a few thousand lumens of lights in wigwag mode means that you are so much more visible to other traffic, both the feathered and the mechanical varieties…



A kit containing the metalwork and lens required to modify your wingtips is also on its way.  We’ve asked Vans to make a bulk order for us, as they are ready to discontinue the parts.


Stand-alone tail strobes now available

We’ve had a few requests for the tail strobe to be used as a stand-alone unit.  We liked the idea too, so a new product is born!

It comes with our unique mounting plate.  It has eight different flash patterns to choose from, and you can also ask us to program in custom messages to be flashed out in Morse code.  Just because!

We’ve even had an order from a pilot who put two of these units in the wings of his day-VFR aerobatics plane, so that he’s just that little bit more visible to others while he’s concentrating on not  flying straight and level…

An information sheet is available here.

Don’t forget to tell us your tail number and your custom message, so that we can program the blink patterns in for you.


Some quick demo videos

Alas, my camera just can’t cope with the brightness changes, or keep up with the flashes!

The strobes are actually set for four flashes each time.

The Benchmark

Thanks must go out to a blogger for publishing his thorough analysis of a certified LED strobe product from a big name company.  He verified our thoughts that there were also some other products out there that weren’t even bright enough to put on the back of a bicycle these days, let alone an aeroplane.

The figures he derived from this analysis became the minimum goals for light output for our product.

Welcome to Flyleds!

Hi.  My name is Paul, and welcome to Flyleds!

I’ve spent the last few years helping a friend to build his Van’s RV-10.  He wanted to use LEDs for the strobes and position lights.

The design brief from him was pretty simple: “I want to be seen!

The target light output was to be the same as or better than a certified LED product, as seen fitted to a Cessna Citation business jet.

I set about researching other designs, and after picking myself up off the floor upon seeing the prices, I came up with this design.

The prototypes have flown for more than 100 hours.  After getting several requests for a set of lights from other owners, I’ve sourced the parts in bulk, had quality custom boards made, and ordered a factory run of LEDs.

So now you can have a set too!