Some customer feedback

From customer JB:
Thought you would enjoy these pictures from the Bulldog Clinic in Arkansas. We were doing an all up flight the day after Hurricane Delta so we had low ceilings and low light levels. You can really see the difference of the plane that had Flyleds position lighting…

COVID-19 update

We’re open for business! We’ve been working from home/aka the Flyleds World Headquarters since mid-March.
We aim to get out and post your orders at least every other day.

Crazy times! Just to put it mildly.
Stay at home, stay safe.

Looking for a winter project?

Some feedback from customer Ivan L:

Let me say again how much I enjoyed building the kit!  You say “You built the rest of the airplane, you should build your lighting too” and you are completely right!  I’d done a bit of hobby soldering many years ago, but nothing recently and your instructions were so clear and practical that they gave me full confidence to jump right in.

Those strobes make my garage workshop look like a disco!

My compliments all around for a great addition to the homebuilding world.

Come and see us at Oshkosh Airventure 2019

We’re at site 644 with our friends from Flyboy Accessories, just across the way from the Van’s Aircraft stand in the North Aircraft display area.

We will be away from the office from Monday July 15th. Any orders placed while we are away will be sent in the week of August 5th.

Our new Seven Stars landing light has arrived

We know there are lots of you out there that fly into dark places. And we know there are lots of you that just want more! Our brand new Seven Stars landing light should keep you happy. 9000 lumens of nice clear white light, using the same highly focused collimating lenses as used in our The Works kit and our Combo lights.
Just more of the same lighting goodness, really. A whole lot more!

We love your feedback!

We love your feedback, both good and bad.  If it’s the latter, we aim to make it right and I don’t think we’ve failed at that yet!

We spent almost a year researching and developing the Flyleds Works kit, choosing which LED to use, getting the power design right, and finding the best quality lenses available.  It’s incredibly gratifying to get emails like the following:

Paul, I purchased your double spot light LEDs as a “temporary” replacement for my current RV-7A halogen landing lights. I installed the lights in my existing fittings and tested them this evening. Quite honestly, I’m blown away by the brightness of these lights. I fly turbine aircraft for a living, and your lights are the equal to anything I’ve flown before. I was considering spending double the money for other lighting solutions, but now I’m only trying to figure out where to put more Flyleds in my aircraft. Thank you for your product and customer support, let me know how I can help spread the word!

Dave N, KS.

Some Works kit feedback

We were honoured to get this feedback from one of our “Works” kit customers:

“The Works lights are simply awesome. I’ve flown with them several times at night now and continue to be surprised every time I get close to the runway during my approach and see how much they light things up. It’s the kind of illumination I’m used to in my day job (A320) but certainly not what I was used to in the stock Van’s setup on the RV-8.”

Thank you Randy!  He has shared some installation photos as well.

Oshkosh 2018

We will be at EAA Airventure 2018!

Come and say “G’day” at the Flyboy Accessories stand, booth 652, located right behind the Van’s Aircraft display.

As of Monday 16th July we’re in transit to Oshkosh.  We should be able to dispatch some orders during the show week, stock levels permitting!
We’re back in the third week of August, no doubt with a backlog of orders to catch up with.  Please be patient during this time!


To describe the last month as ‘busy’ does not even begin to get close to reality.  We are genuinely humbled (and exhausted!) by your support.




“The Works” landing light kits are now available for the RV-10, RV-14, and RV-7 and -8s with W-715-1 wingtips, which came with Van’s kits younger than ten or so years old.

RV-9 and earlier “batwing” customers, we haven’t forgotten about you.  Watch this space!  Kits are now available!

…and they’re progressing well!

Our RV-10 wing prototypes have come back from the board manufacturers.  Just waiting on some hardware and our custom made heatsinks to arrive! 

We are also developing a new controller board.  It will wigwag the landing lights as well as the strobes… You will be seen coming for miles!

The view out the window at the Flyleds world headquarters:

New feature:  The controller board will also allow the strobes to act as taxi lights.

Flyleds: your One Stop lighting solution for your RV!

Coming soon…

We get so many requests for landing lights to go in the wingtips with the Flyleds kit. The Skinny Kit was designed to answer that request, and it has proven to be very popular.  But still we get asked!

Currently in development… watch this space!  We’re aiming for a May release.


Please say “Hi” via email if you’d like to be added to the notification list.


New wingtip kit

We have made a Flyleds kit to suit W415 wingtips that has been fitted with a modification kit from RMD Aircraft Lighting.

It will drop into place where the original cover plates went.  Our customer pictured below chose to change their PAR-36 light with an aftermarket LED product at the same time.

Select RV-4/6/8 LG when you place your order!

Do you want to be visible?

The idea of having ‘navs’ or position lights on your plane is so that other aircraft can see you coming, and work out appropriate evasive action if required.

The big question is, how far away do you want to be seen from?

We took a Flyleds demonstration kit to the Oshkosh fly in this year.  In the photo below, the Flyleds demo box is sitting on the ground below the wing of the plane.  The plane has another ($$$) LED product fitted to the wing.  The Flyleds box is admittedly both the red and green LEDs in the one small area, but as you can see, our phone camera just couldn’t cope with the brightness and has called it white light (it was otherwise pitch black).  There is a ghost image of the Flyleds box near the wing root caused by lens flare that shows that this is the position lights only, and not the strobes in operation.

So, which would you prefer to be; invisible or visible to others?

Oshkosh 2017

We’re coming over to experience the spectacle that is Oshkosh Airventure 2017!  I’m looking forward to meeting some of our previous customers (and hopefully shake hands with some new ones!) at the various social events being organised on


Our hangar mate Peter has almost finished his RV7.  We love how he’s painted the Flyleds board to match the rest of the awesome metal flake paintjob on his wing. As per usual, it’s impossible to take a meaningful photo of the boards when the lights are on.  The camera just can’t cope!

More pictures to follow when the plane is ready!

Welcome to 2017

Wow, what a year 2016 was for Flyleds!

The staff at the post office now greet me by name and even remember our email address for tracking numbers.  We now sell boards to suit six different RV wing types, and have more plane types on the way.

Just some of the places we’ve posted our kits to:

Some verbatim feedback from only the last three months from our customers:

“Thank you Paul!  I appreciate your excellent customer service.”  Lyle, California.

“I’ve been busy here soldering the LED’s, resistors, etc. to the boards. It’s fun! You save a lot of money, and boy are they bright! Excellent product.”  Bruce, Oregon.

“Here’s a pic of the lights installed on my old style RV-6 wingtip.  Still some body work to do but the lights look and perform just great!!  Thanks so much for the excellent customer service!”  Alex, BC Canada.

“After the final install they work great… still have spots in my eyes.”  Scott, Ohio

“I’ve really enjoyed building these things.  First time for me building a circuit board.   You made it easy!”  Paul, Alabama

We look forward to adding your city to the map!

Some new products

We now supply wiring looms, either as a bundle of all of the parts you’ll need to DIY, or we can terminate the controller end plug for you using a crimped machined pin D15 connector.  You can also buy just the connector and pins, if you’d like to upgrade from the solder connector supplied in the kits.  Highly recommended!

We also have the versatile Carling 2-10 toggle switch in stock.  Control two functions on the one switch…